Intelligence is not partisan, it's essential

About Friends of Intelligent Democracy

A brief history of Friends of Intelligent Democracy and our work.


In April, Executive Director attended a political fundraising event and was almost kicked out because of his age, not being there to donate thousands of dollars, and thinking Charlie was a Republican "tracker". While the staff was wrong about Charlie being a tracker, they were right about him not being there to write a check. As a result of this experience, Executive Director Charlie Panfil asked himself "There are not many young adults that want to be politically active and have money to support candidates, but what if there was a group that could advocate and donate on their behalf?" The answer: Friends of Intelligent Democracy.In August, Friends of Intelligent Democracy went from an idea to a reality as Charlie and the original team prepared to launch Friends of Intelligent Democracy's 2018 campaign efforts.


With our original team in place, In June, Friends of Intelligent Democracy sponsored CampaignExpo 2018 in D.C. and met with campaigning professionals across the country to improve our organzation's performance and efficiency. These large political events always bring out the politically active Americans we love to meet and interact with. In October, Charlie took the PAC to Politicon as a sponsor and met with thousands of visitors and even got featured in the LA Daily News.For the 2018 midterms, the team worked hard to endorse hudnreds of Democrats running for House and Senate seats and we were so happy to see over 200 endorsed candidates win!


Moving into the 2020 election cycle, Executive Director Charlie Panfil wanted to bring on a new team and build off the momentum of the 2018 midterms. With seven new team members, we are committed to helping elect a new Congress and new Presdent in 2020 that will not bend to backwards ideology, but help start a new American century of progress.

As our team prepares for 2020 we realized that we need to focus our efforts on certain policy areas and candidates that will help build a bright future for younger American generations. As a result Friends of Intelligent Democracy will be focusing on:

  • *Affordable College Education
  • *Equality for All
  • *Modernizing Our Democracy
  • *Common Sense Gun Legilsation
  • *Criminial Justice Reform
  • *Jobs and Economic Growth
  • *Public Health
  • *Climate Change

We hope you join us in our mission and feel free to explore our website and read our policy positions, sign up for our email list, follow us on social media, and donate!