Intelligence is not partisan, it's essential

Combatting the Climate Crisis

Regardless of those that think the topic of climate change is up for debate, it is time to address cliamte change as fact and a lethal one. The most recent United Nations report forecasts environmental disaster in 2030 if countries do not commit to successful reforms. The United States and the planet cannot wit for a change in adminsitration to address this issue. Regardless of donor money and party ideology, this palent is our only hoem and we must remain committed to taking care of it.

Renewable Energy
The future of the American energy industry must be independent and renewable. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  • Closing down fossil fuel plants starting with inefficent coal-fired power plants and retraining workers in these plants to work at new renewable energy generation sites and the tech industry;
  • Gradually ending subsidies for fossil fuel industries an redirecting that money towards developing renewable energy infrastructure and construction;
  • Tax credits for solar panels installed on homes and businesses that are in viable areas for solar energy production;
  • Establishing a reserve of natural gas sourced from the United States in the event of an emergency or disaster.

A priority for Congress must be rebuilding American infrastructure and ensuring that our new infrastructure is built with green energy capabilities using environmentally safe construction practices. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:
  • An infrastructure package that includes rebuilding highways, bridges and tunnels taht include green energy solutions such as solar panles and small turbines;
  • Filling new, open jobs with workers from the fossil fuel industries that will be affected by renewable energy development efforts;
  • Sourcing construction materials from American sources and companies.;

Industry's Role
Recent reports show that the 100 largest corporations account for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Before the government mandates changes in individual American lives, Congress should focus on the industries polluting our atmosphere and water. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:
  • Tax breaks for companies that source at least 70% of their energy needs from renewable energy sources;
  • Department of Energy evaluations of the top 100 corporations that will recommend solutions to curb greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Financial penalties for corporations that actively ignore or avoid new regulations or changes recommended by the Department of Energy.

Paris Climate Accord
Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports undoing President Trump's decision to exit the Paris Climate Accords. The United States should remain committed to addressing the issue of climate change and working with other countries to lower carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to slow the rise of the global average temperature, rising sea levels and ocean desalination.