Tomorrow's Leaders Taking Action Today

Public Health

Friends of Intelligent Democracy believes that public health is one of the most crucial policy areas.

Reproductive Justice and Abortion Rights

People have an absolute right make their own reproductive health decisions. Since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, women have had legal access to abortion services, yet, nonetheless, there have been persistent efforts on the state and federal level to make these services inaccessible. Monumental legislation like Preisdent Obama's Affordable Care Act has helped improve access to healthcare resources for women and expecting mothers, but there is more work to be done. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  1. Ensuring every woman has the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy without the interference of clergy, partner approval, harassment or political protest.

  2. Repealing the Hyde Amendement from 1976 and allow federal funding for abortion services.

  3. Making it illegal to harass any patient or employee coming in or out of a Planned Parenthood, or any healthcare facility that provides reproductive health services.

  4. Upholding Affordable Care Act statutes that subsidized secure birth control to anyone who needs it to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

  5. Planned Parenthood and other non-profits that provide high-quality and affordable medical care to women and men. Beyond their role in providing services for pregnancy termination, the medical examinations, testing, and mental and physical health resources that Planned Parenthood provides fill a need in society that would otherwise be left unfilled in their absence.


Vaccinations are a cost-effective, essential component of disease prevention in the United States that has led to the eradication of various infectious epidemics, such as smallpox and tuberculosis, which produce high mortality and morbidity amongst affected populations. Pusedoscience, fake news, and misinformation campagins cannot be allowed to obstruct public health efforts. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  1. Mandating vaccinations for all children that enter public schools;

  2. Eliminating philisophical, religious, and political exemptions and only allow for medical exemptions when a child is allergic to a vaccine's ingredients;

  3. Awarding grants to community health centers to allow for underprivileged children to be vaccinated just like their peers;

  4. Reqiuring that K-12 science curricula include education on vaccination, public health and preventable disease to ensure that every American is educated on the importance of vaccines.

Healthcare Insurance and Medicare X

At Friends of Intelligent Democracy, we believe that there is a universal right to healthcare. Given that there is no language around “health” in the constitution, many members of the American legislature treat accessibility to health services as a privilege. Although Obamacare played a crucial role in expanding publicly funded coverage to individuals above the poverty line who otherwise lacked healthcare coverage, the recent change in administration has perpetuated inaccessibility to the patchwork system of coverage that currently exists in the United States. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports the expansion of the public health care system through the creation of a buy-in Medicare program to further decrease the deficit in individuals who do and do not have the necessary coverage to maintain a high quality of life. Furthering the coverage for individuals within the existing patchwork system is an essential first step before the system itself can be effectively redesigned.

Menstrual Equality

Every menstruator has a right to access products that make them feel comfortable and clean during their period. Years of gender and sex-based discrimination culminated in laws that unfairly discriminate on menstruating individuals by taxing menstrual hygiene products and perpetuating a culture of silence around menstruation. The menstrual stigma pervades society and has led to a lack of action against menstrual inequity that is represented by the tax known as the “tampon tax,” lack of access to menstrual products in public restrooms, and unequal treatment in schools and the workplace. While several states have effectively removed the tax on tampons, the majority still tax menstrual products as a result of their categorization as “luxury goods.” Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports an end to the Tampon Tax throughout the United States, and also believes that menstrual products must be treated to the level of necessity as toilet paper, and provided free of charge in public restrooms and the restrooms of private institutions as well. Bringing an end to the Tampon Tax and the menstrual stigma is essential in continuing to fight patriarchal policy and sex-based discrimination.