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Our Mission And Vision

Friends of Intelligent Democracy PAC is a political action committee run by college students focused on supporting Democratic candidates for the United States Congress and President of the United States. To achieve our 2020 goals of defeating President Trump and sending as many congressional Republicans into retirement as possible, the Friends of Intelligent Democracy PAC will take action through grassroots campaigning on college campuses, social media engagement, endorsing Democratic candidates, organizing college students across the country, and registering thousands of college age Democratic voters.

Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports affordable public education for college students, equality for all, modernizing our democracy, ending gun violence, creating jobs and economic growth, expanding access to public health care services, solving the climate change crisis, and promoting peace and national security.

Defeating Trump and McConnell

Organizing Student Action
Supporting Progressive Issues

Grassroots Campaigning

Social Media Engagement

Endorsing Democratic Candidates

Featured News and Social Media

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Meet The Team

Charlie Panfil

Executive Director

Alex Edwards

Political Director

Harita Iswara

Communications Director

Chloe Wagner

Campaigns Director

Jared Gozinsky

Fundraising Director

Tara Zic

Policy Director

John Schmidt

Social Media Manager

Sarah Gregory

Outreach Coordinator