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Criminal Justice Reform

Fairness in Law and Order

Adressing Institutional Racism
There has long been evidence of judicial misconduct and prejiduce against minorities accused of crimes. As a coutnry, we must reamin vigilant in efforts to fight racism in our justice system. The length of a priosner's sentence should be based on their actions, not their skin color. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports any legislative effort geared towards eliminating racist pracitces from the jsutice system at the county, state and federal levels of the judiciary and law enforcement process.

Combating the Opioid Crisis
The opioid overdose epidemic acorss the United States must be one of our top law wnforcement prioirities. Five people die from an overdose every hour, leaving children without parents, ravishing communities, and lining the pockets of drug dealers. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  • Limitations on opioid prescirpitons to prevent easy or unnecssary access to addictive painkillers;
  • Closing "pain clinics" suspected of loosely prescribing painkillers like fentanyl and hydrocodone to patients who truly do not need them or fake symptoms to maintain their addiction;
  • Holding pharmacuetical companies responsible for their complacency in the widespread distribution of meidicne marketed as painkillers that patients could not get addicted to;
  • Appropriating funds to local law enforcement agencies to train officers how to handle dangerous opioids, adminsiter Narcan and track down the sources and dealers of opioids in their communities.

Cannibis Legalization
The Reagan-era drug war on cannibis that overtly targeted underprivleged communities must come to an end. The time has come to legalize cannbibis now that there is data supporting claims that cannibinoids have positive medical benefits, legal cannubis sales genreates millions in state tax revenue and cannbis can be used safely. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:
  • Federal legalization of cannibis use with regualtions similar to those in California and Colorado that require customers be 21 years old to buy cannibis;
  • The release of citizens imprisoned for first-time, low-amount cannibis posession charges and the expucntion of said criminal charges;
  • Allowing states, not the federal government, to tax marijuana sales and collect the tax revenue generated from cannibis sales.

Prison System Reforms
Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:
  • Restoring voting rights to felons who have served their time in prison and allowing citizens imprisoned for nonviolent offenses to vote using an absentee ballot;
  • Ensuring female prionsers have access to feminine hygiene products at no cost to the inmate;
  • Enacting the reforms of the FIRST STEP Act and passing more criminal justice system reform bills that focus on prison conditions;
  • Ending the practice of private prisons and investigating previous human rights abuses in said instituitons.

Ending Cash Bail
Cash Bail is essentially a form of wage discrimination, allowing the upper class to avoid jail time while awaiting trial. This flawed program introduced a vein of inequality into the justice system that some states have tried to rectify, instead permitting bail for those who are not a risk to the safety of the public and other factors. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:
  • The expansion of bail programs such as those implemented by California on the basis of risk to public safety and the likelihood of not appearing in court, rather than on his or her ability to post a certain bail amount.

Ending Private Prisons
Private Prisons have only one motive: to receive profit. They have no incentive to promote justice or rehabilitation to those incarcerated, only to house them profitably. This is often done with little to no respect to the overall well-being of the prisoners. This conflict of interest creates a lack of accountability, and Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports the abolition of private prisons.

Immigration Reform
Friends of Intelligent Democracy is focused on espousing responsible and compassionate immigration policy that benefits humanity as a whole. Friends of Intelligent Democracy is also passionate about fighting discriminatory and nativist immigration policies and advocating for those who are unable to protect themselves. Ultimately, we hope to bridge the gap between politics and people and develop responsible policies for the betterment of our country and all of its residents. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:
  • Protecting working immigrants by preventing employers from abuse and harassment;
  • Creating paths to legal immigration for illegal immigrants that have made productive, law-abiding lives for themselves since entering the United States;
  • Enforcing policies that treat immigrants and asylum seekers as human beings, not caged animals;
  • Allowing DACA recipients to become American citizens and no longer live in fear of deportation.