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We are the Friends of Intelligent Democracy PAC, which supports Democratic candidates that are in favor of factual, evidence-based legislation. In recent years, we have noticed that too many politicians ignore the hard facts about various issues, instead choosing to listen to either special-interests or their own opinions. Friends of Intelligent Democracy is primarily focused on supporting candidates that will improve the American quality of life by advocating for policies that promote progress and advancement in our society.

Our Executive Director, Charlie Panfil, started this PAC when he was a senior in high school and now works with a team of fellow young people in college. We are the first generation of Americans that are projected to be less prosperous than our parents. We are the people that will endure the challenges that the rest of the 21st Century will bring, and do not want to inherit a broken world when it becomes our time to lead and govern. Our 2020 goals are to defeat Trump and send as many Republicans home from Congress as we can. To accomplish this, our team is dividing our efforts between grassroots campaigning, social media engagement, endorsing Democratic candidates, organizing college students across the country, and registering as many people to vote as we can. The United States of America has come to a crossroads with bigotry, hate, and backward policies down one path and freedom, equality and progressivism down the other. With your support, we get to help candidates that will create a better future for you, me, and generations to come.

We are looking to endorse candidates that will support:

  • ● Affordable Public Education
  • ● Equality for All
  • ● Modernizing Our Democracy
  • ● Ending Gun Violence
  • ● Jobs & Economic Growth
  • ● Access to Public Health Services
  • ● Promoting Peace and National Security

Candidate & Campaign Information: