Climate Change

Regardless of those that think the concept of climate change is up for debate, it is time to address climate change as a fact and a threat. The most recent United Nations report forecasts environmental disaster by 2030 if countries do not commit to successful reforms to reverse the damage caused by carbon emissions. The United States and the planet cannot wait for a change in administration to address this issue. Regardless of donor money and party ideology, this planet is our only home and we must remain committed to taking care of it.

Renewable Energy

The future of the American energy industry must be independent and renewable. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  • ● Closing fossil fuel plants over a five-year period.
  • ● Retraining programs for green energy jobs.
  • ● Redirecting energy subsidies from fossil fuel companies to renewable energy providers.
  • ● Creating new tax credits for residential renewable energy installation where applicable.

Protecting the Environment

The Trump Administration is responsible for the biggest elimination of protected lands in U.S. history, opening up 13.5 million acres of historic and culturally significant land to the destruction of mining and drilling. Natural lands must be protected and preserved for future generations. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  • ● Ending the leasing of public lands for fossil fuel and other mineral extraction.
  • ● Reinstating Roadless Rule protections which preserve wilderness areas and prevent logging, road building, and other development.
  • ● Reversing rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act and protecting biodiversity in wild areas.
  • ● Preventing irresponsible dam construction and water diversion which contribute to ecosystem destruction.

Green Infrastructure Investments

A priority for Congress must be rebuilding American infrastructure and ensuring that our updated infrastructure is built using environmentally safe construction practices and green energy capabilities. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  • ● Passing an infrastructure package that includes rebuilding highways, bridges, and tunnels that include green energy sources such as solar panels, small turbines..
  • ● Sourcing hemp and other environmentally friendly construction material from American companies.

Industry’s Role in Fighting Climate Change

Recent reports show that the 100 largest corporations account for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Before the government mandates changes in individual American lives, Congress should focus on the industries polluting our atmosphere and water. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  • ● Tax breaks for companies that source at least 60% of their energy needs from renewable energy sources and promise to transition to 100% clean energy over three years.
  • ● Allowing the Department of Energy and Department of Commerce to do “energy evaluations” of the 100 largest corporations and create “Carbon Emission Action Plans” that recommend solutions to curb corporate greenhouse emissions. If companies fail to take actions, financial penalties can be assessed until the requirements of action plans are met.

Global Climate Leadership

The United States should remain committed to addressing the issue of climate change in a cooperative manner and should work with other countries to lower carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to slow the rise of the global average temperature, rising sea levels, and increase in ocean desalination. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports:

  • ● Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords.
  • ● Creating international emissions and energy consumption standards for motor vehicles, households, and corporations
  • ● Declaring climate change a national emergency and using federal funding to support domestic and international carbon and methane reduction efforts. 

Net Zero Green Emissions by 2050

Friends of Intelligent Democracy believes that the US should have Net Zero Green Emissions by 2050. This means re-joining the Paris agreement to hold ourselves accountable to achieving this goal. It can be achieved but it will take full dedication which is why a Green Jobs Plan would be so important due to its ability to move our economy into the energy sector, this way we are no longer dependent on fossil fuels. There should also be subsidies for Research and Development as it relates to clean energy alternatives so that manufacturers who are burning fossil fuels can end up relying on clean energy instead. There are also components of manufacturing that can be replaced as well. They can be replaced with more efficient parts like smart design technology and newer designs that require less materials. These are just a few of the steps the US would have to hold itself accountable to, but they require our utmost dedication to pull off because while it will not be easy it’s not something that can be ignored.

Green Transportation

The transportation industry needs to change alongside the elimination of carbon emissions. Transportation is seeing drastic changes approaching very quickly, and the most viable and necessary change is the switch from carbon emissions to electric cars and clean energy alternatives. It is difficult to compete with the government-backed carbon producers, so a switch from backing fossil fuel research and development to supporting clean energy research and development could drastically improve our odds at staying below the temperature warming limit. Transportation currently makes up the biggest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions with 28% of the emissions coming from the transportation industry alone. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports government projects to create electronic public transportation solutions and government support of private electric transportation production.

Nuclear Energy

Safe implementation of nuclear energy can help make strides in the fight against climate change. The nuclear catastrophes of the past have caused many countries to shy away from nuclear power, but its efficiency and ability to have zero carbon emissions should not be overlooked in the fight against climate change. Six of the G7 summit countries have the infrastructure for nuclear energy to be implemented into the societies. Before implementation there should be an increase in safety procedures and protocols to prevent the dumping of nuclear waste. With the proper safety procedures nuclear energy can serve as an efficient path to eliminating carbon emissions while also increasing our efficiency in the process. Friends of Intelligent Democracy supports new development of nuclear energy plants around the United States.

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